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High quality video player for movies

Looking for a high quality video player for movies? You prefer to watch HD video, whether is anime, drama or movies on computer or simply get the low / normal quality video and just play on the default windows media player? I prefer video that usually have at least 720p resolution.

High quality video player for movies

Splash Ex Pro is software that allows you to watch High quality movies, brighter colors and clearly, better than some favourite player like VLC, GomPlayer and Media Player Classic.

However to use the Splash Ex Player, you must have enough advanced and powerful hardware on your computer to run the advance mode. You must have Intel or AMD dual core processor (i3,i5,i7 is stronger), NVidia graphic card, ATI / AMD or Intel’s new generation of graphics card for hardware acceleration (512MB or 1GB).

If your computer does not achieve the above requirements, you are only able to watch the video with the default settings which with the normal quality.

High quality video player for movies2

To use high quality settings, go to Settings and enable the Use Hardware Acceleration and Motion 2 Ultra 1080p. You can also enable “Use hardware acceleration for video decoding”.

High quality video player for movies3

Then Enable all the setting as above, set them to maximum.

The Demo mode allows you to see the differences before and after using high quality settings :

High quality video player for movies4



The advantage of using Splash Pro Ex:

1) HD Video look better, clearer and brighter than VLC player, GomPlayer etc.

2) Can set a custom preset for the movie, anime, video clips according to your preference.

2) Professional user interface.

The weakness of using Splash Pro Ex:

1) Not all video formats are supported and you have to install a codec like Divx.

2) Not suitable for low resolution video as 3gp & flv.

3) Requires a computer with good specifications to fully use of all the advantages and functions.

4) Not a freeware. Trial and paid version available.

Download the best video player for movies : Splash Pro Ex (free, trial and paid)

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