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Differences of Windows standby, hibernate & sleep

What is the differences of Windows standby, hibernate & sleep? Before I go into deep explain about these, I bet some people have this concept or habit : standby when in rush, hibernate for a faster resume for 1-2 days is ok, or auto sleep by the computer itself.

Standby – The computer will supply other equipment break, only the memory of which rely on electricity maintain the data (because the memory is volatile , as long as the power, there is no data). This time when you want to restore, you can return to the standby state before. This model is not completely turn off, so the power in standby mode if an exception had occurs (such as power outages), then the next time you can reboot, the unsaved data will lost. However, this model is the fastest speed of recovery, usually within five seconds can be restored.

Hibernate – the system will automatically dump all the data in memory in a hibernation file on the hard disk, and then cut off the supply of all equipment. So that when restore, the system hibernation file from the hard disk contents will be read directly into memory, and restored to the state. This model does not completely power. The speed of recovery of this model, depending on memory size and hard disk speed, generally have about 1 minute or less.

Sleep – is a new mode in Windows Vista, this model combines all the advantages of standby and hibernate. The system switches to sleep mode, the system will dump all the data in memory on the hard disk (this is similar to hibernation), and then turn off all equipment in addition to memory outside the power supply, so that the data is still maintained in memory with (this is similar to standby). Thus, when we want to restore and the power supply during sleep abnormalities did not happen, you can restore the data from memory (similar to standby), very fast. However if the power supply abnormalities during sleep, the data has been lost.

See the differences of Windows standby, hibernate & sleep now? My personal favourite is the hibernate mode, as my computer memory is enough to load fast and the windows usually resumed within 10 sec..

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