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Most independent kid – Ah Long

Ah Long a six years old independent kid’s sad story recently believed to aware many people. Ah Long who was infected by the HIV rejected by the society and guess what, his parent passed away recently because of HIV disease forced him to stay independent.

ah long5

He has to search the dry woods to light up the fire to cook :’(


The only guardian his grandmother didn’t live with him but visit him once a while, so he done the cooking, clothes washing etc stuff..

ah long3

His hand hurt by the the flame!

ah long 7

OMG, look what he had come out with.. !!!!!!!!


Ah Long also been rejected by the school. Unlike you, still have chance to hate people in the school.

ah long6

The only friend of him named Lao Hei, is a dog accompany him to go through the life. Unlike you, you have many friends on Facebook but still whining..


After the China media had report about him, some family shows keen to adopt him. However, he is alone until now ~

Can’t imagine how this 6 years old kid can live with this kind of circumstances..

ah long4

Do you feel Ah Long’s loneliness? Look at yourself, shouldn’t you be graceful? Note that he is still a HIV victim..


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