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Warning, How A Hacker Stole A Twitter Username.

Technology is considered as one of the essential necessities of life today. People use all sorts of technology to perform some functions in their daily living especially nowadays that almost everything is high-tech. Everyday new websites, online games or social networks are introduced to the public to give entertainment and additional source of valuable information. [...]

Civilisation Beyond Earth: An Out of This World Game Experience

Online games are very popular to web users nowadays. It gives them some sort of relaxation and diversion. Various games can even challenge the mind set of a player which keeps his brain cells active and well-oiled. Planning, visualizing and actual presentation of any game requires certain skills and knowledge to produce a successful one. [...]

Exo Overdose

EXO releases their highly anticipated video for Overdose. Check it out below.

Invisibility Clothing, How To Hide Your Body Heat

Body heat is the byproduct of our body’s process of normal metabolism. It is the end result of our daily activities may it be basic or extreme. This body heat is regulated by our brain to maintain stability or equilibrium. There is a certain tool used to detect such body heat called the thermal imaging [...]

The New Era of Espionage Gadgets: NSA Spy Gear Catalog

If you are a fan of James Bond movies, you will surely love to use his spy toolkit. From simple tools turned and transformed into a lethal weapon when used, a method of communication and survival kits hidden into a form of your ordinary gadgets. Over time, change and innovation affected espionage agencies and of [...]

How I Met your Mother Final Episode and Fans Reactions

Last April 1, 2014 the nine-year long saga How I Met Your Mother ended with a controversial one and became the trending topic on social media. It ended Monday night with fans laughing, crying, and worst, there are a lot of fans who got angry. How I Met Your Mother co-creator Craig Thomas defended the [...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Premature Release: An Independent and Unconsented Release!

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date of April 11, 2014 did not become a reality. Retailers in the U.S. have already put S5 on sale ahead of its original schedule. Samsung S5 go on sale in South Korea first prior to its official launch. And now, Samsung’s flagship smartphone is on sale in the U.S. before [...]

Smart Watches, The Rise Of Wearable Tech

Wearable technology created quite a buzz last year with Samsung releasing the Galaxy Gear, Google releasing its Google Glass, Jawbone releasing the Jawbone Up, Nike releasing the FuelBand, and many other companies releasing their own versions of wearable technology. It’s no surprise that this has created a love affair between consumers and technology that is [...]

Motorola's New Smart Watch

Motorola’s First Proper Smartwatch: Moto 360

Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch is a circular-digital watch face designed by a digital colorist named Jim Wicks, it appears like a premium traditional watch. One of the key factors according to Jim Wicks when designing this watch was the power to engage mainstream users. This will be released in summer 2014 that could be in [...]

Speed Reading With Sprintz

There a lot of people who love to read, but just don’t have the time for it. Or maybe you’re a college student whose textbook readings are piling up, and you just can’t find the time. Well, a start-up company from Boston, Spritz has found an answer to that: a speed-reading app. Spritz has developed [...]