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Warning, How A Hacker Stole A Twitter Username.

Technology is considered as one of the essential necessities of life today. People use all sorts of technology to perform some functions in their daily living especially nowadays that almost everything is high-tech. Everyday new websites, online games or social networks are introduced to the public to give entertainment and additional source of valuable information. Facebook, instagram and twitter are just one of the few social networks launched for the public. Twitter even allowed twenty six rare-single character handle to be available for the consumers. But it was not so long when a microblogging service exploded causing this odd character handles to vanish in 2007.

The Story Behind

Naoki Hiroshima was very fortunate to seize one of the character handles before the explosion incident happened. He had the @N handle for about seven years now and was even allegedly offered 50 000 dollars to surrender the character handle. He also claimed that certain individuals tried to steal the character handle and gain access to his accounts for several times but never succeeded. He seemed to know very well how to handle and protect his accounts for quite some time until just recently when an alarming social drama unfolds. The said highly-protected character handle was hacked and stolen.

Hiroshima gave detailed step by step information regarding the hacking incident. According to him, while he was out for lunch last January 20, 2014, he received a message from PayPal for a one-time validation code. He ignored the message thinking that someone was just attempting to steal his PayPal account.

The hacker was not able to access Hiroshima’s PayPal account instantly but managed to pretend as a PayPal employee and subsequently convinced a payment firm to discharge the last four digits of his credit card via phone transaction. The information was then utilized as authentication for Hiroshima’s GoDaddy account, also through phone. GoDaddy hosts Hiroshima’s domain and e-mail accounts. And since GoDaddy accepted the verification, the hacker was able to get all the information needed to freely access Hiroshima’s e-mail and took control of all his accounts.

Recognizing that his @N character handle was the main focus of the hacking incident, Hiroshima quickly altered his email address connected to the @N twitter account. However, the hacker was already in full control of all his GoDaddy domains and threatens Hiroshima that he will lose all his other domains if he will not cooperate with the demands of the hacker. He successfully used this as leverage for Hiroshima’s twitter account. Even though, Hiroshima was able to report the incident to the domain registrar, he still failed to be assisted due to the information swap.

Pressured to lose all his domains, Hiroshima gave in with the extortion of the hacker. He yielded his @N twitter details in exchange of his GoDaddy account and thereafter, the hacker quickly implicit power over his @N character handle.

After the incident, the hacker arrogantly reiterated to Hiroshima how he was able to push through with the attack and even gave tips on how he could protect his accounts in the future.

Hiroshima puts all blame to PayPal and GoDaddy for compromising his accounts by allowing transactions over the phone. He also gave advice to account holders not to accept credit card information as verification credentials.

It is very adverse that anyone could breach services from our personal accounts by merely a bit of detail obtained from a payment firm. It is therefore crucial that proper identification and verification be processed first before any information is released by these domains.

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