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The New Era of Espionage Gadgets: NSA Spy Gear Catalog

If you are a fan of James Bond movies, you will surely love to use his spy toolkit. From simple tools turned and transformed into a lethal weapon when used, a method of communication and survival kits hidden into a form of your ordinary gadgets. Over time, change and innovation affected espionage agencies and of course, they go with flow. They made innovations in their gadgetry so that they don’t get left behind by fellow competitors. Today is a new era of the rise of real spy gadgets. But who do you think has it all?

The Transition of Spy Toolkit

Even in the ancient times, spy tool kits are already used by the government to take advantage of war and use it as a method for sleuthing. Lets’ take a look at the early to present evolution of espionage gadgets by traveling back in time.

• As early as 500 BC – The Spartans and Greeks uses a cylinder wrapped in a scroll that contains a secret message which is called a Scytales.
• 1466 – Alberti Cypher was created which is a polyalphabetic ciphers.
• 1766 – Hidden messages are concealed inside silver bullets.
• 1778 – Sympathetic Stain or commonly known as invisible ink is used to relay hidden messages. To decipher this, a specific chemical is used to show the message.
• 1864 – A deceiving coal in appearance but an explosive which is known as coal torpedo is used to bring down steamships.
• 1916 – Pigeons are used to spy by equipping them with cameras and are used to relay messages.
• 1940’s – Playing cards which reveals a hidden map when soaked in water are used. Fake monopoly board games are used which contain maps and hidden files.
• 1950’s – M44 cyanide gas gun that is concealed in a newspaper is used.
• 1960’s – The microdot camera is used to photograph documents and reproduce it. In this year also, shoe heel transmitter are used together with rectal escape kit which is a capsule that contains blunt edges and files that is hidden in the anus.
• 1965 – The lipstick pistol or also known as kiss of death which has a 4.5 mm firearm inside is used.
• 1970 – F-21 buttonhole camera is a camera in which the lens is on the user’s button. This is useful at public events. The tree stump bug which is a signal interceptor was also invented in this year. A transmitter hidden in a dog poop is also used for war during this time. They also invented cyanide glasses in which a captive can use for suicide.
• 1978 – Bulgarian umbrella which tip is poisoned with ricin is used.

NSA Spy Gear Catalog has it All

The National Security Agency possessed devices that you only see in spy movies. These spy toolkits are real and is used by secret agents without any person noticing it. These cool spy gears are:

• Cottonmouth-I – a little spying computer in the form of a USB that can target a network
• Gopherset – a phone hacker which can steal useful information.
• Headwater – gives spies access Huawei routers and is an internet connection hacker.
• Monkeycalendar – gives spies access to location of GSM phones that is implanted with it.
• Nightstand – lets spies break into WiFi network and start cyberattacks.
• Picasso – a spyware that can pick up conversations.

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