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Motorola’s First Proper Smartwatch: Moto 360

Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch is a circular-digital watch face designed by a digital colorist named Jim Wicks, it appears like a premium traditional watch. One of the key factors according to Jim Wicks when designing this watch was the power to engage mainstream users. This will be released in summer 2014 that could be in June or September.


The Moto 360 can be easily mistaken for a regular watch which just happens to feature a touchscreen. It’s a Forty Six diameter watchface with a default on-screen feature, consist of steel bands and leather bands, capable to be interchanged with watch band, and a water resistant device. The band of this watch was projected and then it could be easily switched out. It can hold a larger open area while still remaining easy on the wrist. The 360 has a circular design, rather than the usual rectangular approach borrowed by the majority of smartwatches. The round design is due to the reason that people like round watches because of comfort and being used to it. Round shape also promotes gender neutrality in regards to the use of the watch.

Moto 360

Motorola’s New Smart Watch

Functionality and Features

It will hold the entire host of Android Wear features, including voice actions, stacked cards, and custom notifications. It contains a very solid battery life since the Motorola Company was prioritizing power management. A camera was not included on the Moto 360 since it is not a need or want of a user of a smartwatch and it is compatible with some Androids devices.

When this watch is placed on your wrist, you can vertically scroll through multiple screens. This device also doesn’t need any USB interface that is used for charging and doesn’t contain any external charging port since Motorola is one of the global interoperability standards for wireless charging.

A Nearly Invulnerable Watch

To protect the faces of high-end watches, a resilient substance sapphire is added. This made sense because watches are constantly exposed to threat of damage. Sapphire as an expensive element may be parallel with the price of the Moto 360.

A Display which uses little to No Power at all

According to Houdabao, Black OLED pixels will be installed. This uses little to no power, so a minimal watch face could run full time without consuming much power. Motorola power conservation feature makes this watch in parallel with I’m Watch superfast charging feature.

Moto 360 Production Difficulties

Moto 360 tries to adopt a unique design of being round. According to experts, manufacturing such round design will be a wasteful process because fitting of the internal hardware will serve as a great challenge.

Higher Price and Limited Distribution

Rumors suggest that Motorola could be forced to create the Moto 360 in lower quantities, and the availability will be limited only to selected regions. Due to a rise in the production costs, the gadget might be expensive. Sapphire installation and unique round design are one of the factors that might affect the Moto 360 price.

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