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Invisibility Clothing, How To Hide Your Body Heat

Body heat is the byproduct of our body’s process of normal metabolism. It is the end result of our daily activities may it be basic or extreme. This body heat is regulated by our brain to maintain stability or equilibrium.

There is a certain tool used to detect such body heat called the thermal imaging device. This apparatus is utilized by group of soldiers to track their enemies by sensing body heat that emanates from their bodies. It can be worn for several important purposes such as binoculars that come in handy especially during night time. This device gives vast advantage to those Special Forces that have the resources to purchase the said item.

But unfortunately, nowadays anyone can download or procure a heat sensor/thermal imaging device for a cheap cost, thus giving way to the rise of a new breakthrough invention in the market that challenges to hide these body heats – the Nemesis Turkey Suit.

What is a Nemesis Turkey Suit?

Standard thermal sensor can usually perceive body heat from a distance of about 5 000 feet. But if an individual is covered in the turkey suit, thermal sensor won’t detect any body heat. It is made up of delicate, first class materials that significantly lessen the chance of recognition from a wide range of sophisticated multispectral electro-optical/infrared sensors. It masks personnel and other high worth equipments against complex infrared surveillance device. It is advantageous to those soldiers equipped with this gadget that operates either daytime or night time for it offers advanced technology that filters heat waves for minimal detection.

The suit may still be in the early stages of testing by the U.S. military; however the manufacturer looks forward in making these suit a regular uniform among the U.S. soldiers, war fighters and security personnel.

How does it Work?

The turkey suit randomly shatters heat waves from a person’s body and intermingle it with the heat waves from the surrounding milieu making it invisible when seen through an infrared device. It showcases hot and cold spots to make it appear non-human.

It includes a jacket, pants, hood and face shield. The textile of the garment imitates the property of leaves that conceals the outline of the body and disperses heat outward. It also integrates a special component that facilitates proper ventilation.

The suit is tested to be compatible in any weather condition though it would not be feasible in a 120 degree desert.

Price-range and Availability

The suit currently costs 2,900 dollars but is expected to cost less when production rise up. It is available in a variety of camouflage textile patterns including Digital Desert, Digital Woodland and Transitional. It can be purchased in different sizes such as small, medium, large or extra large.

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