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How I Met your Mother Final Episode and Fans Reactions

Last April 1, 2014 the nine-year long saga How I Met Your Mother ended with a controversial one and became the trending topic on social media. It ended Monday night with fans laughing, crying, and worst, there are a lot of fans who got angry.

How I Met Your Mother co-creator Craig Thomas defended the show’s very controversial finale. He thanked all of the fans despite their various reactions. In a cycle of Tweets, he responded to the fans’ anger over Ted (Josh Radnor), the main character who finally meets his nominal mother. Craig Thomas bravely stood by How I Met Your Mother’s final plot twist despite of the reactions of the fans.

The two-part episode in titled Last Forever, verified the fans predicted fears: that the mother would be dead by the series ending. What is a completely expected twist is that the death of the mother is a way of bringing Ted back with Robin – the love of his life.

In the last of several flashbacks in the finale, Ted went in front of Robin’s apartment and showed up with a blue French horn – the same one Ted stole for Robin in the first episode. Robin was already divorced from Barney. Their three years of marriage is vague that’s why they decided to part ways. Robin wants to fulfill her lifelong dream of travelling internationally as a reporter and owning five dogs.

Barney, in the meantime, is a father of a child with the 31st woman that he had sex with. Lily and Marshall are still living a happy married life, have already three kids and moved to a bigger place. Lily was heartbroken when Robin decided that she could not be as much a part of their crew anymore.

As many had concluded, Tracy McConnell who is the mother of Ted’s children had been deceased for years by the time Ted told his story.

When Ted finally finished telling the story for his kids, his kids realized that the story is not all about how their father met their mother, it was about their father’s unconditional love for their mother. Ted shared with his kids about what he had learned from loving their mother. That he had loved her with everything he had in him through the good times or bad times, especially during times of illness.

And with that, the television show on its nine-year run, ended with fans expressing emotions such as anger, disappointments, excitements and appreciation in different social medias. The show stayed solid through the years it aired on television. It captures the heart of its viewers and became a part of their daily living for nine fruitful years. The viewers can easily relate to the story that’s why you cannot blame them if they expressed various emotions in social media.

Whether it was tears of anger or joy, there weren’t eyes that are dry. Normal people will mostly show their reactions on the series. And if one’s eyes and face showed flat reactions through the entire episode, they are probably numb or just a stronger person. The conclusion was contradicting for most loyal fans. How I Met Your Mother is not just a series on television, it seems like it has a connection with its viewers.


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