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Civilisation Beyond Earth: An Out of This World Game Experience

Online games are very popular to web users nowadays. It gives them some sort of relaxation and diversion. Various games can even challenge the mind set of a player which keeps his brain cells active and well-oiled.

Planning, visualizing and actual presentation of any game requires certain skills and knowledge to produce a successful one. It needs group of people that are capable enough to handle the pressure of coming up with a great and amazing game.

Just recently, a group of web designers introduced a new Civilization game to the public. But they insisted that it is not like the Alpha Centauri game. Neither a sequel of the said game even though some of the people who worked for this project also contributed to the new one in hand.

A lot of inspiration was definitely taken from the old game but the designers claimed that this new game offers a whole new imagination of what civilization could be in the future. The game is completely a different idea from the Alpha Centauri. This new game was named Beyond Earth.

A Game that can Change Players’ Destiny

Beyond Earth attempts to make history by giving players the opportunity to make their own destinies. Normally, Civilization games sets a certain endpoint at humanities modern age, however the new game challenged the designers to create a greater sense of freedom. It also proposes five different victory conditions so the players’ gets to decide their own path making them realize what winning really means.

The players will have to choose leaders, factions, colonists and equipments at the beginning of the game. The technology web then permits the players to shift from one direction to another, when it moves down from the orbit.

When the players advance further from the starting point, three affinities of web technology will be met. First is the Purity technology, it gives the players a chance to build a new home closer to Earth. The Harmony technology on the other hand, makes players adapt rather than the environment for a symbiotic existence. Lastly, the Supremacy technology’s focal point is to provide liberty to humanity from its terrain. It usually leans toward a machine-like survival.

The affinities chosen by players come with a linked victory condition. Those who chose purity affinity attains a promise land victory by constructing a warp gate to bring humans from Earth to inhabit the new land. While the players who select supremacy affinity will only pull off freedom by making the same warp gate and bringing forces back to Earth to liberate humans from their fleshy mortality. Whereas, those who prefer the harmony affinity will concentrate on the new planet. Transcendence permits the players to awaken a super organism sleeping deep beneath the Earth.

The other two victory conditions are accomplished by defeating all rival civilizations and searching for indication of alien existence, building a device and making contact. Players can move to any direction they want depending on some factors like the neighbours around, their style of play and especially the victory condition they want to achieve. The technology web installed in the game is very adjustable making the players reach the goal they are after or who they really represent.

The leader and their units adjust to whatever decision the players make. The selected affinities and victory conditions will greatly impact the player’s civilization.

The players are also reminded that certain technologies will not be available in a single game. Technological limits will be present to make the players engage in a discovery-oriented type of game.

Players will also come across a narrative thread in each of the games like mankind are leaving a messed up Earth to look for a life-sustaining world outside space. It is the mind set that makes mankind to follow a new journey in their life.

Once on the planet, the players will have to define the identity of their own civilization. They will be given numerous tasks to be fulfilled in order for them to tell a story. The players will then be given access to technology in order for them to be in charge of some of the parts of the planet’s orbit. These steps will help the terrain below with terraforming, enhancing tiles, rile up alien wildlife or instigate hit against foes. Orbital units can be torn down and meddle with.

All these changes in Beyond Earth game was made to give players a whole new experience and feel of the game. After all, players in this generation seek for those games that can thrill them enough and make their cost of money worthy.

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