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Malaysian Air Flight MH370 Update

It has come to light that two of the passengers on the Malaysian Airlines flight that has recently disappeared were traveling on stolen passports. Austria was the first to deny that one of its citizens was on the plane and their citizen was safe and sound. His passport had been stolen around 2 years ago, and had been reported. The same goes for the Italian passenger. The Italian foreign ministry also confirmed that no Italian citizens were on flight MH370 after it came to be known that the Italian was in Thailand and had reported his passport stolen in Malaysia in August 2013. There is also mixed messages coming out about this as well as the FBI is stating the documents were stolen in Thailand.


These uncertainties with regards to the passenger list has led to claims that terrorism may be involved. A team of FBI agents is on their way to Malaysia to help with the investigation. This is partly due to the Americans on board the flight.

Oil Slick

There has been several oil slicks reported in the water south of Vietnam where the plane is believed to have crashed. These were up to 12 miles long. These are suspected to be from the flight MH370.

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