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Tizen Newest player in Smartphones OS set to dominate market March 2014

The battle for the best operating system has always been an interesting interplay of usability and innovation. And though Windows, Blackberry and iOs have been playing in the market for the past years, Google’s Android continues maintain its position at 70%-80% market share. But with such large chunk in the consumer audience, the innovation cycle of Android might in danger of experiencing fatal drought. After all, the saying is true: “comepetition drives innovation.” And with competition getting weaker, Android’s innovation might have the same fate.

Then, enters Tizen – the passion project of two of the biggest names in the smartphone and software technology: Samsung and Intel. With Tizen rumored to be released soon, it is deemed to change the playing field in terms of operating system not only in smartphones – but across various product lines.

If we look back, we remember that Tizen almost faced extinction as rumors spread that it will remain as an unrealized project. But things changed when Samsung joined in the wagon in the hopes of gaining more control in the way its devices are run – no longer depending on Google’s Android (which, in one way or another, is a competitor). If you’ve noticed, Samsung has slowly been trying to customize Android to be “exclusive” to its devices through TouchWhiz and Samsung App Store. With Tizen in the picture, Samsung might exactly do just that.

One of the most interesting features of Tizen is that it cuts across various product lines. Therefore it can run not only smartphones but also appliances, set top boxes and Smart TVs. This is their way of penetrating in the global market – by simply integrating various service layers into a single operating system. This is something Android fell short of.

The world has seen how serious Samsung and Intel are in pursuing this project. As part of app development, the companies launched an app challenge that would put forward $4 Million to winners of the competition. Though Tizen’s app page is blank at the moment, this strategy will definitely do the job of scouting for the best apps out there.

There are other reasons why Tizen might be the newest OS craze: it emphasizes the use of HTML5 that makes browsing even smoother and playing music much enjoyable. These feature and many more.

According to internet rumors, Samsung handhelds might sport a Tizen OS very soon in Asia, Eastern Europe and some other countries that have long craved for a change in OS environment. Release might be early March.

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