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Top 10 Trending Youtube Videos of 2013 – Pt2 Vid 5 – 7

Number 5

Number 5 in the list of most trending videos of 2013 was this funny video, another advertisement. It was funny to see the baby version of the adults dancing and pulling some moves. This video should put a smile on your face.

Number 6

This was one of my favourite videos of the year. Van Damme is such a legend and most people know who he is. Even though it later came out that they cheated a little and basically tied his feet to the mirrors and had platforms its still an epic performance that is very dangerous. And the music helps to make it an epic split. It was also the most watched advertisement of 2013

Number 7

YOLO – You Only Love/Live Once, seems they took the view that a lot of people took during the year that because you only live once its ok to do stupid things and turned it around with a comedy video song.

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