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Top 10 Trending Youtube Videos of 2013 – Pt1 Vid 1 – 4

All in all this year the top ten trending videos left a lot of disappointment in the human race about what we have become. Most of the videos in my opinion were not very good. There were many videos that showed the incredible human spirit and ability that were overshadowed by the following list. Let us know what you think about the last years videos.

Number 1

This video may turn up in Eurovision in the next competition. It is a very bizarre video and song. Surely all of the topics of songs in the world have not been used and this is what we are left with. I think this video is satire.

Number 2

I honeslty don’t know how this made it into the top trending videos of 2013. This is not even real dancing. For some strange reason shaking around became a craze with many off shoot videos mimicking the “dance”.

Number 3

How Animals Eat Their Food??? this is just bizare. I cannot say more.

Number 4

Let me tell you a little bit about this video before you watch it. Chat Roulette is a piece of video calling software that lets you talk and see people from all around the world, with one catch. Either party can at anytime move onto another person, randomly from somewhere in the world. This is one of the reasons this video is funny, the people who are using chat roulette have no idea what will come up next. Steve Kardynal is a comedian dancer who has created some videos like this before that have also gone viral very quickly. The video is all about peoples reactions to his crazy actions as he mimics famous songs. WARNING, this video contains adult themes.

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part 2

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part 3

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