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Windows 8 Nokia Lumia 525 to be released mid-December

The popularity of Windows devices among consumers has increased amidst other competitors. The most popular Windows 8 smartphone to date is Nokia Lumia 250. But with the dawn of the release of Nokia’s latest Windows phone, Nokia Lumia 525, that spotlight might just be stolen.

Rumored to be released on December 14 or anywhere mid-December, Nokia Lumia 525 or also called “Glee”, might be low-priced and low-end but is set to create the biggest impact in the market in terms of specifications and improvements.

Display and Design

Sleek and handy, Nokia Lumia 525 comes in yellow, orange and black. It comes in a handy size of 119.9x64x9.9 mm with a 4-inch IPS LCD screen. The display is just right at 800×480 pixels resolution rounding the pixedl density to 223 ppi.

Processor and Connectivity

But what Nokia Lumia 525 can truly boast about is its Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dualcore processor that runs at 1.2 GHz but is supported by a 1GB RAM twice the value compared to its predecessor. This means superior processor ability. It also rocks a dual core paired with Adreno 350 CPUs and an 8GB built-in storage plus a microSD slot. Though the unit does not come with 4G, it sports a 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and a GPS. Just enough to keep you connected.

OS and Camera

This latest Nokia Lumia is installed and preloaded with Windows Phone 8 with Lumia Black. The camera is also a good addition. The rear camera is at 5MP with autofocus and a two-stage capture key feature and the ever-handy touch to focus. Just like other Nokia phones, this also comes with a Nokia Smart Camera Cinemagraph lens, Panorama lens and Bing Vision with geotagging.

A Special Inclusion

Rumor has it that the device might come with the sleek and trendy Guru Bluetooth Headsets – a portable media player similar to the iPod Shuffle. Originally, the headset is sold separately at $55 or RM 177.68.


The rumored price of the new Nokia Lumia 525 is $198 or approximately RM 639.64.

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