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Tips To Help You Create A Resume That Helps You Land Your Dream Job

If you just got out of college or resigned from your previous job, you probably are looking through your window into the street and thinking about how you are going to move on. It is a jungle out there in the professional world and landing a job is a cut-throat hunt that you feel you are not ready enough to take on.

Well, allow me to help you in making sure that your bait will definitely catch the big fish – in this case, your dream job. What am I talking about? It’s making the perfect resume!

Okay. First things first: never underestimate the power of a smashing resume. Think about it, sometimes the only thing separating you from your dream job is a good, professional profile on paper. So I suggest that you do what it takes to make sure the resume gives the best impression of you.

Think of the Format

The primary tip that I would want to share with you is to decide (and think about this very well) how your resume would look like. Think clearly of how you want your paper to appear beside all the other submissions from people as enthusiastic as you are. Note: do not go crazy with the design yet, it will be much easier to do that once everything’s in place.

Now, think about your objective statement. This is a short sentence that would show that you indeed need a job and is willing to work in the company you are applying for. Maybe you would want to look at this tip again, discern it very well but for me, it is necessary especially when it is written quite well.

Highlight education

The next thing you probably want to highlight is your education. The employer must know whether they should invest in someone like you in relation to the kind of education you received. Be specific about those minor, major and specializations so as not to confuse the hiring manager. Now, here’s a biggie: consider placing your GPA in your resume only if it is 3.0 or higher. If you fall lower than that, might as well be discreet about those figures. You want to add value to your profile through that GPA.

Previous Jobs and Experiences that Matter

After Education, list all the work experiences that you feel can back up the kind of education that you received. Do not get carried away – do not place all your jobs in the paper. The wisest thing is for you to include only those quite related to the job you are applying for. Here’s a tip that would help you: try and describe the kind of work you have been doing in your previous jobs

Now, the tip is quite tricky. You have to make sure that your descriptions are output-based and not just mere narration. In short, don’t just say you are a team leader in your sales team instead say that you are the team leader of the team that has increased sales by 85%. The latter statement is more appealing to those who want to get someone competent in their company.

Show some skills

It would probably then best for you to highlight your skills. Simply put, humbly place on your resume what you are good at. A friendly advice, never place any skill that you cannot do. Otherwise, it would be useless.

Take a last look

Lastly, read that paper from top to bottom once again and this time, be very meticulous about your work. Be your own judge. Make sure you remove all those faulty spelling and grammar booboos that you won’t like your future employer to see.

If you feel that it’s not enough, have someone look at it a second time. Maybe a friend or a fellow professional can give you constructive criticisms and further improve your resume.

As much as you invest time in looking for the perfect job for you, invest much more time in making sure that your profile on paper is appealing to your future company. After all, your dream job is just one smashingly good resume away.

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