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LG G Flex Might Hit Stores November 15

The second smartphone to feature a curved screen is rumored to be released in Korea by the middle of November. LG G Flex, which was officially introduced by LG some weeks ago might hit the stores by November 15 nosing its competitor, Samsung’s Galaxy Round.

LG has set a press conference in Korea come November 5. Rumor has it that this is the opportunity for the brand to show some glitz and glamour in introducing its newest innovation in the market. By November 15, as many blogs would say, the LG Flex will be available in the Korean market.

But is the value added in this flexible phone aside from its unique screen? Well, let’s try and look at the specifications.


This six-incher is curved along its horizontal axis with a thickness of about 7.9 and 8.7 set at various points of the unit. One down point, however, is the screen’s resolution which is only about 720p – a shy competitor compared to Samsung Galaxy Round’s 1080p resolution.

The operating system is an Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean carried by a 2.26 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor with a 2GB RAM. Its camera is set at 13MP which the bigger battery of 3500mAh is said to be just the right kind to couple with the phone’s display and application requirements.

Scratches On Your Phone – Goodbye

Another interesting feature of the LG G Flex is what it calls the “self-healing” property. The back of the unit is said to be covered with a special film that makes scratches disappear in a matter of minutes. Well, that is over and above the fact that the whole thing is curved! The “curved” screen does not necessarily come with its own set of applications. But this one has a swing lock screen feature that makes the wallpaper move in relation to the motion. The curved phone also makes it perform better ergonomics whenever you make phonecalls and makes video viewing more enjoyable.

Well, before we get to excited, let’s wait and get our hands on LG G Flex so we know what it can truly offer. No news or leads yet as to the price of the unit but here’s one thing for sure: they might open the market sales even outside Korea.

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