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Windows 8.1 Update Removed and Retracted

Still haven’t updated your Windows 8 device to its improved version – Windows 8.1? Well, lucky for you! The programmers behind this multi-million company has decided to pull out the RT update from its online store as several users reported that it has resulted to data loss and even bricked devices. The update was made offline in the Windows store during the weekend, only several days after it was launched.

For many users, updating to Windows RT 8.1 was ironically, a retrograde rather than an update. There are certain users who even lost their valued data upon upgrading into a newer version of Windows 8.

The Windows website, however, did not give a specific explanation on why this has happened. They, likewise, were not able to point out a specific problem that is causing all these trouble. Instead, they assured the million Windows users that they are looking at the program and will fix the situation as quickly as possible. They also apologized to the users who have experienced such inconvenience.

Note, however, that recent reports say that only RT devices experience these troubles. Other Windows devices updated into Windows 8.1 work just as fine.

Windows RT 8.1 is the official operating system of the latest Windows devices including slim personal computers and tablets.

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