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Why is Manchester United Finding It Hard This Season?

There was never a doubt that it would be extremely difficult in fact nearly impossible for someone to fill in the shoes of Sir Alex Ferguson post his retirement as manager of Manchester United football club but the appointment of David Moyes who has led the less fancied Everton for a decade with high precession, was seen as a move in the right direction. However, since his arrival at Old Trafford, Moyes has had a disastrous start to his maiden campaign with United making their worst start to the premier league since 1989. The worrying sign for Manchester United fans is the fact that United have slumped to defeats at their den against opponents they were expected to win.

Though David Moyes is considered one of very best managers in Europe when it comes to tactics and strategies, some of his decisions this season have been widely criticised in the football circuit.

1. No Prominent signing in the summer transfer

United have been the least active amongst all the premier league teams in the summer transfer window with only Fellaini making a 27.5 million $ move to the Manchester side. The effects of a quiet transfer window are showing on the side’s performance and the defence line have been found wanting on more than one occasion this season.

2. Not Playing Kagawa

Shinji Kagawa was instrumental in Borussia Dortmund’s league victory before he moved to Manchester United and since then has seen a slump in his form. He showed glimpses of his skill and talents as an attacking midfielder last season by scoring a hattrick but in EPL 2013 under Moyes, he has been confined to the bench. With Anderson and Valencia not able to deliver at crucial stages, the calls for playing Kagawa in the starting line up have grown more in the last couple of weeks.

David Moyes himself accepted that his side is currently not a contender for the Champions League title but with 7 points from 6 matches and stranded down at number 12th, even defending the Premier League looks a distant dream right now.

United’s only hope right now lies in the hands of the trio, the highly talented Wayne Rooney with the sublime touch he is in, Robin Van Persie, the clubs highest scorer last season and the18 year old sensation from Asia, Adnan Januzaj, who has looked bright with the little opportunities he has had.

United’s defensive line has come under fire conceding as many as four goals to rivals Manchester City and club captain Vidic hasn’t been at his very best this season. Midfield too looks lacklustre, not creating enough goal scoring chances for the two forwards upfront.

However, given that even Sir Alex Ferguson couldn’t have immediate success at the club, United’s fans and management are expecting the team’s performance to improve as the season goes by and given new coach David Moyes full support, but the big question is, for how long will the supporter’s of arguably the world’s biggest club keep the support going.

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