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Unemployment Fears Even Among Postgraduates

Many Malaysian students would work really hard in their undergraduate degrees to finally earn that diploma after several years of school work. To increase their qualifications and broaden their perspective they even choose to take up a post graduate degree. As much as a degree would bring pride and honor to the family, it is also seen as a ticket for young Malaysians to land their job and earn for their family. But you see, the journey from school to office is not always set in stone. Several graduates – even those with Masteral qualifications – still expressed their fear of not being able to find the right job for them even after graduation.

Perhaps one of the most obvious source of fear among these people is lack of employment inappropriately matched with an increased number of unemployed. This cut-throat job hunting culture brings so much stress among the post graduates. There are so many masters degree holders who had no experience battling it out with those who already have experience for a year or two – definitely not levelling off the playing field.

Some post graduate students have expressed that despite several interviews in several companies, they still fail to land a good, sustainable employment. There are a number who even accept low-paying jobs as low as RM 1000 just for them to get through day by day. There are even those who accept jobs completely unrelated to their fields just to get the employment that they need.

So for most of them, their only choice is to continue studying and taking more and more courses which becomes additional expense to the family.

But several experts have some advice for those who carry such fear. One advice says that post graduate students should not be afraid into venturing in industries with little relation or possibly no relation to their career at all. This flexibility in career choice will further expand their choices in job opportunities.

Not only that, this kind of adjustment is perfect after the recognition that unemployment is not across all sectors and industries. For a period of time, there are industries where employment rate booms while the other flickers and vice versa. Thus, the job seeker must learn how to adapt with the environment and the market for them to find the perfect job that suits what they want.

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