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Will the much talked about flexible screen phone an addition to the Note series?

Samsung has been very competitive and at the same time innovative in the mobile phone sector for the last 4-5 years. A very big reason of their sudden rise from a phone company that people choose to overlook to a company that demands attention is the way Samsung has responded to the technological and design requirements of the market. Samsung currently, owing to its Galaxy and Note series, is fast catching up with Apple as the leader of Smartphone manufacturing.

Samsung has recently unveiled their Note 3 device which on the basis of technology and sheer presence, stands out as one of the best phones in the world. Samsung have always believed in the ideology that says, ’The Bigger The Better’ and Note 3 takes this aura forward with a 5.7’ screen and a 13 megapixel camera and a price tag that many consider as too far-fetched. Moreover, Note 3 had a 2.3 GHz processor and a 32 GB internal memory that can be expanded with a microSD card.

However, a big issue with Note 3 is, though it improves from its predecessors in the note series, Note 3 still does not have that something special that its competitors does not have. HTC One since its arrival ne the market has raised eyebrows over the number of functionality the phone could perform at ease and though it was released around 3-4 months earlier than Samsung released their Galaxy S4 and Note 3, the difference between the devices of from the two mobile manufacturing bigwigs is hardly noticeable. Meanwhile, Sony too launched its Xperia Z1 which has a superior camera than the Note 3 and comes at a similar price range, thereby intensifying the already severe war of Smartphone.

So, what Samsung needs to do in its quest to rule the mobile manufacturing circuit with innovative and functionally unique designs of Smartphone? Well, if recent reports are to be believed, it seems Samsung have already come up with a solution to this problem. Well rumour has it that Samsung will be soon launching two new devices in the coming future in an attempt to drift the appreciation and applause currently coming to HTC One’s doorsteps.

And how are they planning to attract all the attention?

According to information doing the rounds these days, Samsung is planning to introduce an improved version of Note 3 this October and the new updated device is expected to have two new prominent physical changes:
Using the more classy aluminium uni-body
And the second one is sure to give goose bumps to all the gadget freaks and experts out there, it’s a flexible screen.

Yes, you read that right; both, the improved Samsung Note 3 and then the Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a bendable, flexible screen that can be moved into curvy shapes.

Having already showcased a number of times on tech-fests and expos, a flexible screen is no longer just a work of animation used in a sci-fi movie, in fact it can be implemented in real life too and if Samsung’s Note 3 could have what people are saying it will have, it seems we might as well move into a different era as far as Smartphone world is concerned. A very important thing to note here is that Samsung is not the first one coming with the idea of flexible screen but they might well be the first one to implement and showcase it at such a wide prospect.

Reports are that Samsung will initially go for a new ‘limited edition’ flexible Note 3, and if the response and the operation of the phone is as expected, then the new technology will find a place in Galaxy S5 which given the history of Samsung not to release devices from the same flagship during the same year, is expected to be unveiled early or in the middle of next year.

What makes these reports more interesting and anticipatory is the claim of a Korean news channel that talks about an on the record confirmation from a Samsung’s spokesman about the existence of a flexible Note 3, though the whole story sounds very hard to digest especially given the current trends among the mobile manufactures not to divulge any details what so ever about the new product prior to its official release. Or even if someone from the Samsung did actually reveal about a flexible Note 3, what are the odds that the claim is factual and not just an attempt to add fuel to the hype surrounding the release of a limited edition Note 3 or more so to the release of a flexible screen phone, as declared by the mobile giants from Korea.

Other rumours doing the rounds are that Samsung might unveil a new flagship device using the flexible screen display; however that seems highly unlikely, especially because the flexible screen concept is yet at its evolution stages. But since rivals LG have also disclosed the release of a flexible screen phone, namely G Flex, it becomes a very interesting race between the two mobile sector giants.

It is even reported in certain section of the media that the specifications details of the much anticipated flexible screen phone have been leaked, which again sounds too fishy. However, the rumoured details of the specs are as follows:-

The phone is expected to have a 4.7-inch HD display with a resolution of 720x1280pixels.
The phone will run on a quad-core processor along with a 2GB RAM.
It is also reported that the flexible phone will possess an 8 –megapixel camera with a dual Led flash feature to attract the shutterbugs.
It will be supported by the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean technology.
An OLED (Organic light emitting diode) display.

Whatever it may be, the final verdict about whether the world will witness a large scale revelation in the mobile sector will be delivered by the end of this October and all the rumours surrounding the ‘limited edition’ Samsung Note 3 with flexible screen; will rest in peace with it.

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