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New Ipad Mini Malaysia Price and Specifications

When a smaller, handier, mini version of the iPad was introduced years ago, gadget-freaks all over the world got their hands on the Apple’s iPad Mini. Noticeably, however, the iPad Mini is also quite “small” in screen display and quite backward compared to the previous versions of Apple’s tablet line.

But last October 22, during Apple’s much anticipated event, rumors turned reality as iPad Mini now comes in sharp and crisp Retina Display making pixels smooth and (almost) unidentifiable.


This latest Apple product maintained the usual 7.9-inch (diagonal) screen. But the magic really came in the screen resolution that is now pegged at 1048×1536 pixels from its previous 1024×768 pixels. Specifically, the pixel density has increased markedly from only 163 pixels/inch to 326 pixels/inch which is almost the same as the specification of iPhone 5s screen display. What does this mean? A crisper, smoother display capable of showing vivid colors and graphics.

Changes in the new iPad mini, however, goes beyond just the screen. This “little iPad” has also underwent a make-over from within. It is now equipped with a 64-bit A7 processor that was first seen in the iPhone 5s earlier this year. So future owners of the new iPad mini can expect four times faster in processor and eight times faster in graphics. This is perfect when paired with it’s M7 motion co-processor that equips the gadget with a motion sensor. Despite such upgrade, the gadget can still maintain a 10-hour battery life.

Connectivity is also much better in the new iPad mini. This latest version has dual Wi-Fi antennas and supports multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) technology. This means that you can expect a fast internet connectivity of up to 300MBps. It also has expanded LTE capabilities that can connect to more networks all over the world.

Other features, though quite “little”, also deserves attention. One of that is an improvement in the tablet’s camera. The resolution of the camera remains unchanged – 1.2MP for the front camera and 5MP for the rear camera. The larger pixels, however, is combined with an improved backside illumination that provides better photo quality even in low-light.

Just a bit of a low point. The new iPad mini may be of the same height (200mm) and width (137.7mm) but it is a tiny bit thicker and heavier than its predecessor.

Price, Pricing

The new generation iPad mini with Retina Display is now available for shipping sometime in November. You may purchase then at $399 (RM1260.84) for 16GB, $499(RM1576.84) for 32GB, $599 (RM1892.84) for 64GB, $699 (RM2208.84) for 128 GB. If you wish to have a Cellular version, just add $130 (RM410.80) to the regular price.

New iPad mini-cases are also available to match your new iPad mini. Polyurethane-made Smart Cover is for sale at$39 (RM123.24) while a leather Smart Case is for sale at $69 (RM218.04).

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