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Ipad 5 Malaysia Price, Specifications and Release date

Fifth generation iPad rumored for release by October

Shortly after releasing their latest market magnets iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C, rumors spread all-over the internet that Apple is soon to release the fifth generation of its sleek and user-friendly iPads.

The anticipation builds up until October 15 – the date rumored to be the release iPad 5 – the fifth generation iPad. Along with this, the possibility of a better MacBook Pro, iMac, Apple TV and the OS X mavericks might be launched in this apple event. Apple fans all over the world is expecting a levelling up of the company’s tablet line as iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have set the bar.


iPad 5 is said to be thinner and smaller compared to the fourth generation – only approximately 7.2mm in thickness, about 2mm thinner compared to iPad 4. The tablet will also sport much thinner bezels and smaller overall surface area though the screen will remain at 9.7 inches. The case will come in sleek silver or space grey (as in the iPhone 5s).

Other difference include iPad 5′s speakers which is built near the bottom edge and in the center. This positioning will lessen the muffled sound everyone is annoyed about. The case also has an extra microphone-hole that would make sound capture more accurate. iPad 5 might also be installed with an 8-megapixel rear camera with increased aperture perfect for capturing images and videos. Moreover, iPad 5 may also be engineered with Apple’s latest Touch ID innovation – the major development in iPhone 5s. As per the operating system, iOs 7 is preinstalled in the device.


No details of the price has been released yet. Photos circulating in the internet may also not be legitimate but speculations on latest Apple products have usually been spot on.

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