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HTC One Max Specifications, Malaysia Release Dates, Price

Get your hands on a bigger HTC One Max by mid to end October

Not being out-paced by other smartphone and tablet companies like Apple and Samsung, HTC has confirmed rumors that it is set to introduce its latest offering to the market: HTC One Max. Word all over the internet says that they are most likely to release this gadget by the middle or the end of October this year.

But what can we expect from HTC One Max? Well, for most reviews over the web, many say that this new gadget is so large that it can almost be considered as a tablet – or can be called a phablet. However, performance wise, HTC One Max is just a blown-up version of the brand’s HTC One.

Before you get your hands on this latest phone offering of HTC, try and research on all reviews available on the net and see if this change of handheld is worth it after all.

Here are some specifications on the unit:

Design and Display

The most noticeable feature on HTC One Max, as its name suggests, is its size. Really more than a handfull, the unit stands 6.5 inches in height and spans across 3.3 inches by width – which is roughly 2 inches longer than the HTC One. It’s thickness measures only up to 0.4 inches and weighs around 7.7 ounces making it quite heavier than its previous version.

Despite such size, it sports a 5.9-inch display screen with an HTC’s sense interface which is quite pleasing to the eyes. Offering the best display possible, its screen is at 1080p full HD resolution with sharpness at 367ppi – perfect for viewing HD movies and pictures as well. As to it’s external feel, HTC One Max is still coated with a silver aluminum chassis intricately ringed with white edges made of plastic.

Speakers, Camera, Fingerprint Reader

Just like its previous, mini-version, HTC One Max will also be installed two speaker grilles one on top and the other one at the bottom. This is perfect for the unit’s Boomsound Audio that is set to make the users’ music experience more precise, accurate and clear. There are two cameras for this unit. The front camera has specs of 2.1 megapixel while the back camera will be a shy 4 megapixel capture though matched with a LED light – not so advanced when it comes to camera features.

One interesting addition to HTC One Max is its fingerprint scanner innovation that is set to lock and unlock the phone with a fingerprint set unto it. Though the innovation is much-appreciated, people are quite uncomfortable of the scanner’s awkward position at the back portion of the unit.

Battery, Software, Hardware

Since the display is larger, the latest version of HTC series will also be installed with a non-removable battery that is expected to match up the required, regular expected batter life. It also has its usual WiFi for webrowsing installed with Bluetooth 4.0. To maximize the experience, the unit is also installed with an expandable microSD expansion slot. The hardware performance is set at 2GB of Ram backed up with a choice of 16 or 32 GB of internal storage. It will also have the usual Qualcomm’s high octane Snapdragon 800 processor and runs in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Operating System.

Release Date and Price

Though HTC has not officially announced, many tech enthusiasts predict that release date will be around the middle or end week of October. As to the price, not much information can be found although one site offers it at 600 pounds or a approximately a whoping RM3043.

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