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Help Save The World

Ordinary citizens to participate in NASA’s asteroid combat

NASA, the largest space exploration agency in the whole world, has decided to ask for help as it tries to come up with new ideas of preventing potentially destructive asteroids from hitting the earth.

This time, they are seeing help from the global community where you, me and billions of ordinary citizens belong and live.

They do this via various engagements and one of which is the Asteroid Grand Challenge – a call for proposals encouraging the massive global population of inventors and thinkers of creative and effective means of discovering, tracking and deflecting destructive asteroids that could destroy the earth.

According to a statement by NASA’s chief technologist Mason Peck, this particular venture just proves that protecting our planet is an issue bigger than any one program, mission or country – the very reason why they are opening the mission to the rest of the world.

This is also the very first time that NASA has reached out to various stakeholders – the industry, the academe even to non-profits recognizing them to be critical contributors to the future of space exploration.

The Agency encouraged the global community to join the program during the World Maker Faire in New York City – a faire that celebrates innovation, resourcefulness and originality. The challenge is one of NASA’s and Obama’s way of encouraging scientific innovation.

Since its launch in June the challenge has already gathered a total of 400 proposals where 2/3rds focused on the asteroid-capture mission. NASA will announce the top 96 dieas in a public worshop to be done at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston around Sept 30-Oct. 2.

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