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Amazon and HTC to partner for a smartphone series

Taiwanese cellphone manufacturer, HTC is eyeing a much-needed partnership with international electronic commerce company, Amazon and come up with their own competitive line of smartphones placing them in the racetrack to compete with the likes of Apple, Samsung and Google.

This interesting rumor has been circulating in the internet for quite some time following reports and articles from blogs and news portals.

It was clear, however, for both parties who does what. HTC will not be highly involved with the devices’ design unlike what it normally does with its Kindle tablets. Instead, Amazon will provide an “ecosystem” of content similar as to what Google Play has done for Android. So Amazon will be the official content provider of the devices.

HTC, on the other hand, will be working on the product design and development. There are some reports that one particular product is now on its final stage of development – something really exciting for HTC users and fans. Both HTC and Amazon, however, have not released statements or comments regarding this partnership.

If everything works as planned, we can liken this partnership to how Google was able to produce its very own Nexus devices. It was a great move when the multi-million internet company partnered with Asus of Taiwan and LG Electornics of South Korea to launch its own line of smartphones.

Many analysts say that this partnership would do great things to the revenues of both Amazon and HTC. Amazon, which has been producing its own line of Kindle devices would expect a larger application download and purchases as more users would get in touch with their content. HTC, on the other hand, would get another shot at redeeming their relatively bad year this year as they fail to cope up with the lightning advances both in Samsung and Apple phones and phablets. There were rumors that HTC has also been looking for a buyer following the likes of Nokia and Blackberry but this particular news seem to debunk those online talks.

As to the release, watch out for the new HTC-Amazon devices early in 2014.

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