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Parties, Drugs and Tattoo removal

With the crackdown in Gang membership by the police under Ops Cantas Khas there has been a large increase in the Tattoo removal holiday. Some gangsters are removing their tattoos in Kuala Lumpur, but there are a lot that are traveling to neighboring Thailand to get the procedures done.

Thai towns that are close to the border are often known for their seedy attractions, but Danok, just across Kedah’s Bukit Kayu Hitam is becoming famous for Tattoo removal. Gang members will usually spend a week in one of these towns and party as well. After consuming a lot of alchohol during the day, the gang members go out at night to one of up to six known tattoo removal parlours.

Malaysian police have started to team up with their Thai counterparts to flush out underworld figures from both countries.

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