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KL Gangster 2 full movie Download

KL Gangster 2 full movie movie leaked into the internet, open for download before its release. This movie will be available in cinema in 3 Oktober 2013.

Flashback : KL Gangster is one of the first Malaysian-made films to reach the collection of 10 million in local cinemas in June 2011.

Warning of one of the action of KL Gangster 2 movie that irresponsible leaker may face lawful actions :

samsul kl gangster 2

KL Gangster 2 full movie Download Trailer

Trailer is welcome to download here lol.

kl gangster 2 movie

KL Gangster 2 movie synopsis

KL Gangster 2 tells the story of how two brothers namely Malek ( Aaron Aziz ) and Jai ( Adi Putra ) are caught up in the gangster world after the death of their father 10 years ago.

Since the death of their father, her siblings in trouble while their mom ( Faridah ) often fear the threat of turbulence gangster groups who often approach to collect their father’s debt.

Due to the hardships of paying back the money, Jai becomes wild and willing to do anything for money.

800,000 hit in youtube, this movie is worth to watch in cinema! See you there guys!

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