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High calorie foods in Malaysia

How much calorie in a plate of nasi lemak that cost RM5? 300-400 perhaps. But it’s not in the list of High calorie foods in Malaysia. Roti canai may be one of the high calorie food, but oily stuff we must try to avoid, it just can’t be our core meal. I want to share my finding about my calorie research in Malaysia food market. My aim is to get worthy food. Forget about McD because even though with 500 calorie in a big Mc it contain of high fat too..

We need to eat in bulk in order to gain weight. Remember protein alone is not enough. Skinny guys don’t have enough extra calorie to gain weight. Their body even burn calories when they do no physical activity in the day.

High calorie foods in Malaysia

1. Potatoes

Get it in Giant or Jusco. Potatoes can be easily put in your mouth together with other vegetable. For example potatoes march.

2. Sanremo pasta

san remo

1500 kcal in 500g! Less than RM5, up to 3-4 serving! Can add some source like Prego to spice your meal.

3. Milk shake

I prefer supplements. I can’t afford Starbuck.

4. Cake

A piece of cake that cost RM0.80 has about 200+ kcal! But I hardly found myself could survive by eating this often because I’m not like western people. But it’s a worth investment.

Calculate how much u need in, also delve into their database to get more info.

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