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GE13 1 May 2013 : SPR explained inedible ink issue

Highlight today of GE13 for 1 May : SPR explained inedible ink issue

Inedible ink seem to be not working, claim of officer during the day of polling for police offer on 28 April.

SPR claims although the ink was removed, it still remained there partially, it’s invisible on the voters’ finger, hence it’s impossible to cheat by voting twice in GE13.

Abdul Aziz said the ink used contains silver nitrate that able to slip into the skin, so it’s not possible to remove the stain entirely by any means, even the by hand sanitizer or oil.

Abdul Aziz dare those who claimed the inedible ink can be wash away by petrol to come forward. He stressed that the sign of the use of ink in GE13 will not disappear within 7 days.

Deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar of SPR also added “Once a person votes, his name will be struck off from the electoral roll. So, there is no way anyone can vote twice,”

SPR explained inedible ink

* Believe or not, this explanation will not get as much as share or like as the post of ‘ the ink can be washed’ in the previous days, bad news spread faster.. huhu..

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