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Gain weight tips for Ectomorph

Need tips to gain weight? I mean for Ectomorphs. The common tips just won’t work, I tried it. They simply know some science facts, but they never try it themselves, still they claim it work, that’s why even you follow what a pro bodybuilder said in youtube you didn’t see result..

Just hear what’s the key of success in gaining weight for ectomorph from an ectomorph!

Pump! (I mean lift weights)

Someone told me to go to the gym. But I had been doing it wrong for few months. I even take supplements. Little result make me unhappy. My finding : Low repetition, heavier load and short training period! Don’t train 2-3 hour if you are a skinny or beginner, your calories gone till nowhere.. I need 3k a day in order to gain 2lbs a week according to myfitnesspal.

Eat! (how I eat)

When you say lots of calories I feel tired. But when you say 5km a week I’m ok with it. Dude, ectomorph doesn’t have much appetites to eat. I use supplement to bump my calories, because they are more clean than junk food. Serious mass is a good choice, don’t worry the fat, you are super skinny, you can burn fat very fast! Bulk phase now!

Do this for a year. If you don’t see any gain, go find doctors. But I bet you see result within a month if you take your problem seriously. Happy eating! I won’t say happy training because we know we are hyperactive weirdo :P

Gain weight tips for Ectomorph? Diet matter.. Jay clutter say 80% diet and 20% training.

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