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BN to change party name to Parti 1Malaysia?

BN to change party name to Parti 1Malaysia?

BN plan to change party name as a part of steps to evolution. Parti 1Malaysia is one of the suggested name that will be consider.

Umno secretary Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said several names have been proposed so far. They are “Parti 1Malaysia, Barisan Baru, 1Barisan Malaysia and Organinasi Rakyat Malaysia Kebangsaan.”

For your info, BN before this was called Parti Perikatan, which was a combination of 3 major party that are Umno, MCA and MIC in 1951.

Umno has managed to restore the confidence of the people in the General Election of 13th (GE-13). Umno won 88 seats compared with 79 in 2008.

Sadly in PR13, MCA won only 7 seat compare to 15 in PRU12.

However he said that the name has not yet been confirmed and a comprehensive study is required.

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