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Block sponsored post in Facebook

Ad block plus doesn’t give you ability to block sponsor post in your Facebook New Feed. The plugin that I’m going to introduce you will also help you to make some posts invisible by keywords.

You know we don’t want to hide our friends forever, just that some time they keep talking about things or topic that we doesn’t like. For example I have a fitness fanatic best friend and I don’t like to go to the gym. What happen? You need this Chrome add-on ‘Silencer’..

I turned my Facebook New feed into ‘flipboard’ and say bye bye to sponsor post when the keyword ‘sponsor’ been added into my mute list :)

Block sponsored post in Facebook

Filter sponsor post in Facebook

add-on download page :

This add-on is awesome because it supports other language as well! My tips for using this is try to use multiple similar meaning keywords to achieve better result. For example to get rid of fitness topic, add keywords like fitness, fit, gym, abs, muscle etc..

Btw, anyone know block sponsor post in Facebook app version?

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