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Best wishes for Mother day 2013?

What’s your Happy Mother day 2013 wishes? I believed they need no fancy wishes and luxury stuff from us, just a greeting is fine. Try to call your mom even though you have nothing to say. My mom did that few time a month, obviously she never really have a subject to talk, often she asked about how’s my study.. my answer were ‘fine’ every time, but she still do the calls.. Well, that’s mom..

Gifts idea for them? What is in my head is only family gathering. How about a breakthrough, Iron 3 with mom? hmm..

I’m away from home, so can only send some wishes to her fb? Sweetest picture of Mother day 2013 that I can find to share with you..

mother day

Thanks mom and I wish all the mommy in this world Happy mother day 2013!

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