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Parliament dissolved 3 April 2013

Parliament dissolved 3 April 2013 ?

2 April 2013 : Parliament is expected to be dissolved as early as tomorrow after the cabinet meeting in Putrajaya to enable General Election 13 (GE-13) to be held. This is not an April fool post.

The sign is when Prime Minister urges the cabinets member to clad on dark suit and a red tie for a photo session.

In the previous practices, the members of the cabinet will be photographed with the Prime Minister and his deputy before the announcement of the dissolution of Parliament after the meeting.

By convention, the Prime Minister will first be asked before the  Yang di-Pertuan Agong before the meeting, demanding the dissolution of the Parliament.

Parliament dissolved april

can’t wait!

Several ministers were contacted and they have received the letter. There will be a possibility Najib to announce that Parliament will be dissolve on 3 April 2013.

The Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) then have 60 days, that is before Jun to held the PRU13 to form a new government.

Link for future use : General Election 13 result

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