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Limkokwing Global Classroom.. Melaka?!

I wish all of you guys who have fun in Melaka for the so called Limkokwing Global Classroom trip!

All university management suck I believed. Education is about making money for most of the private universities.

In Limkokwing you are compulsory to do the global classroom program in order for you to graduate. Before I enrol into the university, there was no such a module / subject call global classroom, which you’ve to pay extra to visit to other countries..

After the team failed to get all students to pay extra to go London, they changed the game..

“Let’s go Melaka, to visit our new campus and hotel there!”

There are many hidden things in the end, where the dishonest management guy did not tell actually this trip is optional. For them maybe it’s a matter of how much commission they’ll earn, but they never realised for some it had been a worry. I just want to say what a bullshit tactic you have there for money sake!

Pay and go do some works, you’ll get mark for final exam, good deal? Eeww!! I’m a business student, what business project I’ll have there? I’m a design student, yet you ask me to shoot a promotional video to promote limkokwing..

Limkokwing Global Classroom – pay more to get better grade.

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