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How to check voting location Ge13

How to check voting location Ge13? If you votes in the wrong location, your vote will be consider as invalid.

You check through online web portal checking or by sms.

To know your polling centre, you must be a registered and valid voter. Just key in your IC number here. And for those who are at overseas use this link instead.

What’s next?

Bring yourself and your identity card (IC) to the voting centre during the polling day. You can also use the official identity card issued by any government authority which contains your photograph, full name, and identity card number like your passport or driving license if you don’t have your IC during that time.

check voting location SMS

ge13 sms

SPR <space> SEMAK <space> No.IC and send to 15888

Charges may apply. Do not send multiple times, check your query is correct if the server doesn’t reply.

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