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Highlight GE13 : 30 April

GE13 is approaching, we will curate and highlight exclusive news starting today.

Police started to vote, un-faded ink is brown color. This type of ink cannot be found in the market. However in 5 May polling day, the public may use different color of ink.

police vote ge13

Hightlight GE13 2 today :

Some Han Chiang attendees (PSY concert by BN) claim their name disappeared in SPR portal. Their name was taken and IC been photocopied  during the RM1 concert, so they are suspecting something dirty is going on.

Hightlight GE13 3 :

free food penang by bn

Penang now is food heaven, it’s FREE!! Economic rice stall is free, lolok is free, no order limit!! Free fuel voucher RM10.. lol

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