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GE13 : Best Posters of DAP & PAS

More and more hilarious but awesome GE13 posters appears in the internet, especially in Facebook. It’s impossible to gather them all because they are too many of them.

Personally I dislike graphic like inforgraphic, the facts doesn’t necessary true, especially when the election is very near.

BN is lack of creativity in this matter although many of their GE13 campaign are professionally done like videos (and ads too!)

Best Posters of DAP & PAS

anuar ge13 poster

dap malaysia ge13 picture

dap pas ge13 graphic

inikalilah pru13

pas ge13

pas putrajaya 2013 ge13

poster pas ge13

poster pru13 ubah

There are too a series of Ubah characters, and they gone viral as well. Many changed their Facebook profile to support their party, maybe next entry we’ll share with you guys, stay tune!


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