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Skim Gaji baru Polis dan Tentera 2013

In the morning just now, Prime Minister Najib Razak attends the 13th Public Service Premier Gathering (MAPPA XIII) and had announced a very good news to our police and army regard the recognition of their service.

As the result of the recognition, there will his be a salary raise of the police and army forces.

Effective from 1th January 2013, the government to recognition the grades of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) and the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) as equal as the other public service.

Skim Gaji baru Polis dan Tentera 2013

polis tentera gaji naik 2013

  • Konstabel (N17) P1 : RM1,013 to maximum RM2,613.61
  • P2 : RM1,0851.56 to max RM2,681.56
  • P3 : RM1,151.46 to maximum RM2,751.46
  • Lans Koperal (N22) P1 : RM2,164.44 to maximum RM3,321.99
  • P2 RM2,325.10 to maximum RM3,657.02
  • Koperal (N26) P1 : RM2,482.33 to maximum RM3,496.05
  • P2 : RM2,719.90 – RM3,815.70
  • Sarjan N29 (lantikan) : RM1,710.39 to RM4,335.62

* Penyelarasan gaji pegawai kanan PDRM pula Gred 41 bagi Inspektor, Asisten Superintendan (ASP) 44, Deputi Superintendan (DSP) 46; Superintendan 48 dan Asisten Komisioner (ACP) 52.

Are you happy with this Skim Gaji baru Polis dan Tentera 2013? Anyway, congratulation.. We are looking forward for a better and peaceful country!

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