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PRU13 live update result with Google

Perhaps a PRU13 live result widget online?

Web nowadays play an important role on every single events that is happening or is going to be happen on earth. Compare to PRU12 in back years, PRU13 shall be more exciting because the citizens of Malaysia can get live update results and related news online.

Google Malaysia lately has launched a website to tackle the formidable coming wave – PRU13 (General elections 13), for the convenience of Malaysia internet users.

The website by Google will allow citizens to see information from a wider point of view, with update from various sources such as Malaysian political parties, media owners and NGO.

In additional to that, users can even search for real time election information (live update result)within the website itself.

google elections pru13

“Google’s mission is to make information universally accessible and useful to others and this is definitely true for elections. We want to make sure Malaysians have access to all the information available to them in order to help them make a well-informed decision on election day.” – Google.

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