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Live update : Lahad datu 5 March 2013

Live update : Lahad datu 5 March 2013

The timeline today (morning) :

8:18 am: ‚Äč‚ÄčExplosion heard near Kampung Tandou where the invaders occupied. 100 villagers of Kampung Tandou escaped. “They started to bombs the area. We saw their fighter jets in the air. They bombed four times, ” said a villager, Nasir, 38.

8.19am: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak confirmed Malaysia army to take actions. The security forces of Malaysia launched attacks on the armed intruder in the village Tanduo.

8.45am: Villagers of Kampung Sungai Merah left their homes by lorry, with about one hundred people in each vehicle. However according to they are not allowed to enter Kampung Embara Budi. they gathered and wait at main street of the Kampung Tandou.

8.54am: A Felda officers arrived and told the village chief to register the number of people. About 300 people moved from the street to the palm area.

9.11am: 7 battalions has been deployed to strengthen the police force.

9.15am: About 120km from the battlefield in Lahad Datu, supplies being made in the main hospital to receive injury army.

9.37am: According to the army source, this operation included air and ground forces.

9.41am: Philippine radio station dzBB reported that Idjarani Abraham, a spokesman for the Sulu sultanate, said Azzimudie Kiram who led the invasion, confirmed the fighter jets have dropped at least two bombs.

jet lahad datu

to be continue, stay tune..

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from aljazeera 10am  :

lahad 27 died in fighting

update on 11:28 am

31 Sulu Army were killed in the siege operations, while hundreds of people were arrested :

lahad datu 31 intruders died

BN troops has successfully cleared up the intruders in Tandou area, no casualties reported so far from our side! Bravo!

Any reliable update regard Lahad Datu are welcome, post at comment section below.

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