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Lahad : 6 policeman were killed in total

3 March @ Lahad : 6 policeman were killed in total.

Another policeman were killed in a group ambush with the armed men in the village of Sri Jaya, Siminul, Semporna, Sabah.  The latest number of killed officers up to 6 policeman.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Haji Omar said the 6 members of the armed group were also killed in the incident in the village at 8 pm.

The operation ‘rescue’ launched today and ended on 7 pm. Tan Sri Ismail said police also managed to secure 19 policemen safely from Kampung Sri Jaya, Simunul.

Video sos from Facebook news

In a press conference about 9 tonight at Felda Friend, Ismail reports that the 6 policemen bodies were sent to Hospital Semporna.

Urge from PDRM

The Royal Malaysia Police appeal to Internet users do not publish any photos that reveal the location of the police or the military messages in social media, in order to avoid the Sulu Army to track us launch attacks.

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