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How to become a super successful blogger in 2013?

The preview about blogging back then : Back in year 2010, relationship among bloggers are so close, they appreciate every comments they made, because the circle is small and exclusive.

But nowadays everyone can be a blogger, by using Facebook. It’s hard to be royal for one writer because the information is overloading.. Google has been bringing up everything, Facebook groups create closer community, forum is not a new thing for many of us, tons of interesting pictures on instagram and pinterest.. How can you stand out and become a successful blogger in 2013?

Method that seem possible but obscure :

1) Just keep do your best if you own a blog

Google exclaimed many times, you need good content! Yes if you have it in 2010, you are can earn while you sleep. But these ‘curation’ method is hard these day, like I said everyone is blogger, a note post in Facebook can rank higher than your new blog. Blogging is dead if you start this method in 2013, you should move on and do other stuff.

2) “Look man, I’m a pretty”!

Yes until now I’m still seeing many celebrities blog get hit by thousand although they update few post a week. But you need to know that the age is almost over, big brand are using social media. Are you going to tell me those will remember your domain name better than remember Facebook or Yet you might not have new posts. Pretties can be found in instagram, unless you have something else except just own a nice looking face, otherwise people visit and hit you a like, they will never come back.. Those visitors I believed have the same surfing habit, which they visit and close other’s blog too!

3) so you are the next hacker?

You can grow a page on Facebook easily by apply some tricks in back years, so you think you can earn by ‘hack’ technique? Google have better engineers, don’t be stupid, even grayhat doesn’t last long. I saw many new created blog to put so much of efforts trying to copy other’s posts.. wait, in 2013?! Next panda is looking for you, that will not be just one wave, be ready to lost your everything! Play safe to stay alive longer, SEO whitehat is a better path for you if you isn’t someone who able to find loophole.

How to become a super successful blogger in 2013? It’s too late.

Develop your skills and try to go for something that’s bigger, for example users based stuff, it’s impossible by writing alone all the world will be watching on you.. (unless you have the ability like those superior best-seller authors)

This post is not about earning cents by blogging.. We can still earn something, make money blogging still not dead, but I expect to stop one day, very soon..

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