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‘Gym’ a popular sport among university students

I heard of many students especially the males in campus / college recently very active talk about gym. Chest, bicep, protein and many more keywords related to it.

They don’t mention using the words like bodybuilding, lift weights or workout, but ordinarily they use the word ‘gym’..

There must be reasons why it has becoming a popular sport, let’s find out.

university gym

1. They think gym make them big and big is sexy

- Nah, bodybuilding is not merely about size, and big doesn’t mean good. Many had misunderstood that your female coursemates will want to sit beside you if you’re big! These ‘foreveralone’ guy made a huge mistake, they should go to work for part time job if they want to attract girls in university, because the size of wallet matter most.

2. They are too free

- They have plenty of time thinking what to do in their hostel. If there are no new running man release, they are lost. Gym is an easy sport that doesn’t involve skills. Even you hit the gym once, it’s enough to answer yes for the question like – do you do gym?

3. They are fitness enthusiast

- This is a positive point, if that’s you, you shouldn’t continue reading this post, time for fitness! If you need some motivation, here you go : cocky showing off on instagram

4. Lonely want to get into ‘gym’ community

- It make you feel uncool when you can’t get the topics that your friends are often discussing about. Fatty and lazy guy have no choice, they just don’t want to be lonely and left behind. Bought a pair of glove and some accessories, doing pull down machine by putting only 2 bars of plates almost all the time in the gym, so what? you can’t denied they did hit the gym! lol..

Why ‘Gym’ is becoming a popular sport among university students? Sound your opinion below!

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