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Experience of fixing iPad Mini screen in KL

Fix iPad Mini screen in KL

Less than a month I’m with my beloved iPad mini but one day while I’m on reading, unconsciously my dump hand ‘flipped’ it like a book, dropped and the screen shattered.

I still have the fresh picture how it got landed. The corner landed first and then follow by the front screen. That time it took off the smart cover (doesn’t make a different even if I retain the cover).

Here’s how it look like :

ipad mini screen cracked

Lesson learned. Next time get a case!

So I was looking around on the web in the hope that I can find a perfect solution. Here’s few providers that I tried to approach and the experience of my fixing ipad mini screen’s journey..

Experience of Fixing iPad Mini screen in KL

1) iPhone2fix (

ipad mini screen cracked

So expensive ? Better get a new one!


2) a lowyat forum guy offers me RM280 include installation but unknown location and he’s too late. He told me he had asked the supplier to deliver the screen (meh, marketing pitch). I don’t want to wait..


3) At the curve, the shop featured in NTV7, NST etc.. but I heard many complaint about the price is too high. However, they said they have no stock for ipad mini screen yet when I sms them, I move on..


4) Wap In Teleshop

The price in lelong said RM300, but after I went there.. oh this defected so and so.. RM450 ><” and one more thing it’s at pertama complex, so hard to travel to there, where is it?! I walked 1km that day..

My impression : small shop.. ?! They promise can fix it instantly but if too many customers then can’t get it on the spot.

My disappointment : I send my ipad mini and ask them after it’s done send to my place, because I don’t want to come to pertama complex anymore (tired).

As promised they delivered it after I bank in to them RM460 (RM10 shipping fee), but the home button NOT WORKING! WTH! No choice on that afternoon I waste no time went back to their shop, and they fix it immediately (30 min)..

I found a correct route to reach there.. KL sentral > Masjid Jamek > Sultan Ismail / Bandaraya > walk 8 minutes..

Final result : I found TWO debris under the screen! Irremovable! Never mind, no choice, have to accept it..

Extra : I went to machines in Midvalley (services centre) and the guy told me this : “ok Sir, RM949, we will replace a new ipad mini to u” LOL they don’t fix ipad, they fix only Mac computer ==”

What’s your experience of fixing cracked iPad Mini screen? Share with us!

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