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Earth Hour 2013, Starbucks free drink!

Earth Hour 2013, Starbucks free drink!

Tons of offer to celebrate the coming green awareness campaign – Earth Hour. This year is better than last year, because it seems many companies are taking this as a serious global trend and to boost their business brand, they offer freebies. Not excluded from the list, Starbuck to offer one FREE Grande sized beverage!

from Starbucks Malaysia Facebook post :

Let’s celebrate Earth Hour 2013 together! On 23rd March 2013, Saturday at 8.30pm we will be turning off a portion of the lights in our store for one whole hour. Bring your Starbucks tumbler over for anytime within this 1 hour (8.30pm-9.30pm) and receive a complimentary Grande (16oz) Hojicha beverage. :)

starbuck earth hour 2013 free

Hojicha? Not familiar with that.. Never mind, as long as it’s free :D

Jom Starbucks! 23 March 2013, 8:30 pm to celebrate Earth Hour 2013, woo it gonna be romantic when lights turned off.. Hopefully on that day I can find a seat, before 8 pls turbo the aircond to 16 degree Celsius thanks!

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