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Delete Facebook group post on iPad app

How to delete Facebook group post on iPad app? You can’t hover on iPad like you are using your mouse on desktop..

That day I was frustrating, can’t get rid of a post with my iPad that I had posted wrong thing there. I tried double gesture, can’t find the option to remove the posts.

Facebook iPad app has this limitation, unlike the android version which is slightly better in some aspect. I tried login Facebook in browser, by Chrome and Safari, ended up with no solution!

I delved into the searches results, used various search queries, unlucky no one has ever needed such fix. I figured out myself at last, it took me about 45 minutes..

Delete Facebook group post on iPad app

Right besides the ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’, there is a clickable blue anchor called ‘un-follow post’. The purpose of this thing actually allows the user not to get to receive any notification on the thread that they have un-followed. Once u clicked that, you will see a little white arrow on the top right corner of your post, then the single option ‘delete post’ come out, you know what to do next..

It make sense to delete posts on wall just simply slide to left and click the red minus button. But inside the group I bet 90% of Facebook users never notice this hilarious hidden function ~

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