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Check GE13 result via SMS

Want an instant general election result? Check GE13 result via SMS!

This is an exclusive service offered by Celcom. This service is only available for Celcom’s postpaid and prepaid user only.

Not only to check the  GE13 result, but also voters’ status and photos of competing candidates.

The charge : RM0.50 will be charged for each SMS and MMS sent. No charges for receiving SMS or MMS.

Check GE13 result via SMS

ge13 result

1) Check voting status
- Find out if you are eligible to vote by providing your IC Number.
Send SPR <NRIC> to 29292

2) Get latest election results
- Latest DUN and Parliament poll results.
Send ON PR <NRIC> to 29292

3) General information on the elections
- Interesting facts on SPR (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya), previous General Elections history and more.
Send ON TP to 29292

- MMS Services

1) Get pictures of the candidates
- Pictures of the PRU-13 candidates.
Send MP <NRIC> to 29292

Check GE13 result via SMS, thanks Celcom!

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