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The Room iOS Game Review

The Room iOS Game Review

I chose to download a paid game in apple app store yesterday, because I’m bored with free-to-download games with purchase options within, most of the game I gave up after I reached certain level. Lucky I came across to a mystery awesome game : The Room.

The Room promise an anew interaction experience especially play on a tablet device. The game didn’t waste any of the available interacting options like 2 finger gesture and tilt. This is my first time tilting 3D objects on iPad.

The Room have 4 chapter only, the only bad thing about it. I finished the game within 12 hour, seriously I’m addicting to it still now. The Room isn’t hard to play, it give clues, but not feed you. It guides step by step, you won’t get lost, just take longer time for you to solve the stages. In the beginning it was challenging, because I found no answer using google when I stuck lol.. Unlike other puzzle games, you cheats using other’s solutions.
My tips of play The Room is try to guess the developer’s mind, they are human too. For example the key is for key slots, not for others mystery object, save your time by thinking like a human. Another thing is don’t look back what you did. The easy part in this game is the things that you have touched became ‘dead’, look around carefully for other possible clues.

This game unlike angry bird, doesn’t do same actions and on every challenge you’ll see new things, get The Room in the app store to kill your time.

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